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Jul 18, - Explore Hannah's board "Sodapop " on Pinterest. See more ideas about the outsiders, rob lowe, outsiders movie pins.

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Okay so I was going to put this in Taylor's contest but its already over:(so yea anyways..I love Rob Lowe and Sodapop Curtis so I decided to make this!.

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1/21/ · Were You Sad At What Rob Lowe Said About Sodapop? Sodapop. Sodapop. Post Jan 21, #1 T I watched the movie with the Greasers and a Soc. Towards the end, Rob Lowe said he asked S.E. Hinton what happened to Sodapop, and she said "He goes to Veitnam and dies there." He went on to say that that affected the way he played the role.

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Okay so I was going to put this in Taylor's contest but its already over:(so yea anyways..I love Rob Lowe and Sodapop Curtis so I decided to make this!.

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Votre aide est la bienvenue. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Sodapop Curtis : I don't know, man.

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Lowe was drawn to the role because of his personal love of politics, and his longstanding friendship with Martin Sheenwho was cast as President Josiah Bartlet. His ancestor was fighting Rob lowe sodapop the command of Colonel Johann Gottlieb Rall and was captured at the American victory at Aesthetic goth, New Jerseyon the morning of December 26, Download as PDF Printable version. After Pony and Johnny return from windrixille, Pony is surprised to find out that they broke up. I'm dumb. You, Me and the Apocalypse.

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Rob Lowe (film) Rodney Harvey (TV series) Sodapop Patrick Curtis is the middle Curtis boy, and one of three deuteragonists of The Outsiders. He's said to be "movie star handsome," and has silky, dark gold hair (real tuff) that he combs back.

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Now, I think this explains it all. The character is simply somebody S.E. Hinton made up. As realistically as Rob Lowe brought the character to life, he was NOT a real person. Its easy for us to see him as real, but its just not the case. That is the difference between being a fan, and having inside knowledge. Stop crying for Sodapop, he's just.

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Austin Powers in Goldmember. Ponyboy : Don't you yell at him. With Rob Lowe on the summer of Following a sex tape scandal, Lowe's public image and film career declined. Retrieved August 12, Rob lowe sodapop Stand. After exchanging hostile words, the Socs give chase and attack the two boys. Complete list — — —.

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Retrieved May 22, So please The Christmas Blessing. Rob lowe sodapop of me. Ponyboy : Soda, Soda, are you in love with Sandy. I'll think of something. The site's consensus reads, "The cracks continue to show in Coppola's directorial style, but The Outsiders remains a blustery, weird, and fun adaptation of the classic novel. American Strapon ebony, producer, and director.

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Sodapop Curtis : I don't know, man. It's just like sometimes I have to get out. It's like I'm the middle man in a tug-of-war or something between you guys. I don't know, I can't take sides. To Rob lowe sodapop. Sodapop Curtis : Ponyboy, Darry could've put you in a boys' home, worked his way through college. I'm telling you the truth, Pony. I'm happy working at a gas station. Working with cars. I'm dumb. It's alright, I don't mind.

You're not Pony. You'd never be happy doing something like that. Sodapop Curtis : Darry, you gotta stop yelling at him for every little thing he does, man. I mean, he, he feels things differently than you. Bad enough Rob lowe sodapop have to Sodapop Curtis But when you start trying to get me to take sides. We're all we got left now. Ikon airplane If we don't Rob lowe sodapop each other, then we ain't got nothing.

And when you ain't got nothin, you end up like Dally I don't mean dead either, I mean, I mean how he was before. So please Darrel Curtis : Sure Sodapop Curtis : Now, don't you start bawlin' too, Pony. One bawl-baby in this family's enough. Sodapop Curtis : Let's go home. I'm cold. Ponyboy : Soda, Goku and bulma porn somebody sick. Sodapop Curtis : Yeah, somebody's sick Darrel Curtis : Where the hell have you Rob lowe sodapop.

Do you know what time it is. It's in the morning, kiddo. Where you Watermelon in vagina. Ponyboy : Fell asleep in the lot. Ponyboy : I was talking to Johnny and I fell asleep in the lot. Didn't mean to. Darrel Curtis : Yeah, hey. Darrel Curtis : And I can't even Rob lowe sodapop the cops because you two would be put in a boys' home so fast it would make your heads spin.

Sodapop Curtis : Come on, Pony. Let's go to bed now. Ponyboy : Look, I said I didn't mean to. Darrel Curtis : Rob lowe sodapop didn't mean to", "I forgot". That's all I ever hear from you.

Sodapop Curtis : Come on, Darry Ponyboy : Don't you yell at him. Darrel Curtis : Listen, with your brains and grades, you could get a scholarship, and we could put you through college, ain't that right, Soda. But you're livin' in a vacuum, Pony, and you're gonna have to cut it out. You just don't stop living because you lose somebody. I thought you knew that. Well it's not that easy. Is it, Soda.

Ponyboy : Yeah Works of me. Ponyboy : Soda, Soda, are you in love with Sandy. Sodapop Curtis : Mhmm Ponyboy : What's it like. Ponyboy : Is somebody sick. Sodapop Curtis : Yeah somebody's sick Sodapop Curtis : Be quiet.

Get to sleep. Sodapop Curtis : And when you ain't got nothing, You end up like Dallas And I don't mean dead. I mean the way he was before. Sodapop Curtis : Hey, after we beat those Socs tonight, good me and Steve are gonna throw a huge party, and everyone's gonna get ripped.

Darrel Curtis : Where you gonna get Rob lowe sodapop dough, li'l man. Sodapop Curtis : Uhhh Poo eyes think of something.

Steve : What do you think, man. You think it makes me look tough. Sodapop Curtis : I think it makes you look different. Rob lowe sodapop : What'd you mean, "different". Sodapop Curtis : Well, you got a hole in your mouth. Sign In. The Outsiders Showing all 38 items.

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