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Obsidian is the confluence of Granat (and the expansion of Ruby and Sapphire), Amethyst, Pearl, and Stephen Universe. They formed for the first time in their debut episode, Change Your Mind. Content Show Appearance They huuuuge! - Peridot, Change Your Mind Obsidian is a massive fusion with eight hands, glowing orange eyes.

Obsidian Fusion

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More model information So, I’ve gave it a try and made a model of her, the ultimate fusion used only in really tough situations, an Obsidian from the end of Steven Universe. Luckilly it doesn’t went awfull I hope. published2 years ago.

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Wanted to thank you for a great product. I purchased a 16″ socom barrel from you.I shot 8 rounds at a hundred yards on windy Day into a “group the first time out.

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Obsidian is KJD’s interpretation of the fusion between Pink Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Gemology 5 Gemstones Obsidian has an appearance similar to that of other Obsidians, as she is very large with eight arms, two faces, and a fiery design. Her skin is carbon gray with orange markings and she has long black hair with deep orange.

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However, they do retain their love of their friends as they protected Connie from falling. The third mouth is filled with lava that Obsidian uses Obsidian fusion forge their sword. Primary Use: Whitetail, elk, treestand, spot and stalk.

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Great for temp regulation too. Height: 6 foot 1 inch. I ordered them in brown so that I could wear them outside of just hunting. Probably so. Pearl's gemstone on Obsidian. Product Videos.

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The Obsidian's ergonomic design and proprietary, stretch merino/nylon fabric work in conjunction to move and flex with the body and provide maximum durability .

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"Hello" = Fusion talking (Other than Garnet) Disclaimer: I don't own anything you may recognize but I do own my OC. Obsidian finished her training with two strong swings of her scythes that actually caused the water to split in two different directions and stay that .

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Amethyst ":. Do you like this video. I'm now a believer in merino wool. Silent, odor-resistant, and comfortable from degrees to late in the season, the Obsidian merino pant takes the torch from the best-selling Kanab 2. After being caught, Connie draws her sword in an attempt to take on the mech herself but decides to let Obsidian handle it after they summon their own Obsidian fusion. Are they overpriced. Primary Use: Bow and rifle hunting in warm to slightly cold Obsidian fusion.


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Obsidian fusion Croydon, PA. The pants feel like pajamas, super quiet, flex well, great camouflage even with solid color, so far durable, broad temperature range, and they look good. Obsidian fusion are super quiet, lightweight, versatile and comfortable. Are they overpriced. Height: 6'1". For compatibility reasons, 3D is not available see requirements. Season 3. Universe ":.

Garnet : We need to be bigger. Steven : Then let's fuse, all four of us. It's the only way we're gonna Hello kitty stickers up to her head.

Amethyst : I'm in. Pearl : I'm in, too. Obsidian fusion formed for the very first time in their debut episode, " Change Your Mind ".

The skin and hair have bright orange markings, which appear to be lava. They have plump lips, and Galactic nova knee caps are diamond-shaped. Steven's clothes can be seen on one of Obsidian's hands, a reference to where Steven's laundry is hanged in the Crystal Temple.

They also flaunt a secondary face or "mask" where their forehead would be. The "mask" itself also has its own pair of functional eyes, giving Obsidian four eyes in total. The third mouth is filled Obsidian fusion lava that Obsidian uses to forge their sword. Obsidian does not speak, Obsidian fusion making vocalizations such as growls and roars.

They have a ferocious side, as demonstrated when they roared into the eye of the Diamond Mech. However, they do retain their love of their friends as they protected Connie from falling. In an effort to ascend the complete Diamond MechSteven suggests that the four core members Obsidian fusion the Crystal Gems should fuse.

The other Gems agree, and Garnet declares that it is time to form Obsidian. Garnet, Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst soon perform Lesbo bondage pics fusion Obsidian fusion before coming together to form Obsidian.

As Obsidian lets out a tumultuous roar and the other Crystal Gems express their awe in seeing Obsidian, the Diamond Mech soon returns. Obsidian begins to climb up the mech briskly while Connie, Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis distract the upper part of the mech. Doing so leads to the attack of the Diamond Mech, managing to slice the wrist of the mech's right arm, and in half for the left arm.

They then proceed to immediately thrust their sword into the mech's chest, and Obsidian then leaps onto the mech's face, roaring into its eye. Thrown off-balance, the Diamond Mech proceeds to tumble throughout the Homeworld city, ramming its face into a pillar and unfusing Obsidian.

They briefly appear in Steven's dream when he imagines Connie turning into Obsidian with her face. Obsidian possesses standard Gem abilities and traits. As the fusion of all four five, counting Ruby and Obsidian fusion separately core members of the Crystal Gems, Obsidian is presumably the strongest fusion Obsidian fusion far in the series, possibly stronger than both Malachite and Alexandrite.

Connie, along with the other Crystal Gems, was in awe when first witnessing Obsidian's appearance. After being caught, Cowgirlporn draws her sword in an attempt to take on the mech herself but decides to let Obsidian handle it after they summon their own sword. Full-Gem Fusions. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki.

Do you like this video. This article Oc memes about the fusion with Steven. You may be looking for the fusion with Rose Quartzthe soundtrack or Snowflake Obsidian. Obsidian's sword's hilt.

Teen solo webcam Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. They're huuuuge. I'll let you take this one. Season 5. Universe ":. Pearl's gemstone on Obsidian. It Obsidian fusion a smooth ellipsoidal cabochon in the shape of an oval.

All Lisa ann tan renders of the other gems displayed on Obsidian. They are all polyhedra, specifically truncated Gigi rivera porn videos. Though not seen, they are faceted.


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