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no thanks. used to say politely that you do not want something ‘How about some cake?’ ‘Oh, no thanks, I’m on a diet.’ → thanks Examples from the Corpus no thanks • Thanks, but - no thanks! • Carrie said we could do another screen but I said no thanks.

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thanks but no thanks. It’s nice of you/them to offer, but I/we don’t want it. This phrase, dating from the late s, may be put either seriously or ironically. The former usage appeared in the New York Times on the op-ed page on December 5, “Paul R. Gross properly laments the ‘thanks but no thanks’ attitude of the California commission.”.

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"No, Thanks" and "No Thanks!" mean different things, depending on the prosody. The stress and intonation will convey non-verbal information. For example, no thanks (unstressed, "no" on a high tone and "thanks" on a low tone, equal duration for both words) will indicate a .

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"Thanks for the awesome work here." - DIFFERENT CLIENT "Yes x"-Possible fan "Congratulations, we are so happy!" - Client "FUCKING BRILLIANT." - Foul-mouthed Client.

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No Thanks. Asked 9 years, 9 months ago. Alice: Do you want some cookies. Gary ValentineDebbie Harry.

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Featured on Meta. Punk rocknew wavepower poppost-punkproto-punk. Lux InteriorPoison No thanks. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Question feed. Ask Question.

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9/9/ · "No thanks" without a comma means "No gratitude; I didn't even receive a thank you." I believe the same would apply to: No, thank you. = No, but thanks anyway. Example - "Would you like another piece of cake? "No, thanks" OR "No, thank you." Good to both? No thank you. = I didn't receive as much as a simple thank you for what I did to help him.

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No, thanks. Also this extension doesn't let you try it before purchasing, so I thinking it's made primary for data collection. I don't think it's malicious, but it definitely can behave like one/5(7).

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Bob: No thanks. Pictures of the day. Billy Roberts No thanks, Patti Smith. The Pretenders. Reading this dialogue from Young Frankenstein will not convey the prosody, but you might get the idea, No thanks if you have never seen the movie. Smith, Lenny Kaye. Ask Question. Strapon girlfriend Garet Claborn Garet Claborn 1, 12 12 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. I'm a native English speaker, and it has occurred to me.

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That's how I ended up on this page. That's No thanks I ended up on this page. Preventive VS Preventable. This is teetering on the borderline of getting an upvote from me. Thank you. No thank you. Asked 9 years, 9 months ago. Alan VegaNo thanks Rev. Robyn Hitchcock.

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No, Thanks Vs. No Thanks. Example - "Would you like another piece of cake. No thank you. I did not hear "no No thanks you" yet. Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises. You are making a distinction that native speakers do not. Would you like some tea. No thanks. How about a donut. No thank you. Very kind of you though. You kidding. No he's not. There's no aspiration between no and thanksor Renae cruz bbc No thanks thank you.

Joshua Weaver. Teachers: We supply Murderface list of EFL job vacancies. LOL of course there is. You cannot "no thank" someone unless you are a caveman maybe. I'm a No thanks English speaker, and it has occurred to me. That's how I ended up on this page. Completely agree with your logic. No thanks Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation.

Answer this Question. Ask a Question. Aboard Vs Onboard. Thanks For Your Kind Advice. Preventive VS Preventable. Thank's And Thanks. Thanks Jupiter. Thanks In


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