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25/11/ · • BFDI's Road to Half a Billion Views • You're A Loser, But • The BeiBei Squisher • X Finds Out His Value • BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes • The JingJing Squisher (10 year anniversary) • Thanks for , subscribers! • Thanks for , subscribers! (Leafy Plush & BFB 22 on July 24) • Thanks for , subscribers!Video Duration: 2 min.


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9/12/ · Message to Loser (Lyric Video) - SONG by Four from BFB/Transcript | Battle for Dream Island Wiki | FandomVideo Duration: 2 min.

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BFB The Loser; BFB Book The Killer; BFB The Death's OK; BFB Suicidal Objects. BFB How would you grasp my phone? (funnypasta) BFB The Day When Liy Came Back (SCP Crossover) BFB Book (Deleted Creepypasta).

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Loser is a male contestant in Battle for BFB. He first appeared in "Puzzling Mysteries" as an asset. Beige cubes were sometimes used to represent the losers in the first season, hence his name "Loser". He is an extremely popular character, despite his name. His team, The Losers, was named after him. Everyone respects him, and he respects them back. Loser competed as a member of The Losers! and.

The Losers!

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In the contest, the team simply avoided the Liar Ball because they knew Loser was inside and that they might hurt him. Used Loser's Daylight Savings advice with Clock on the fulcrum of their swing. Loser bfb is first seen elbowing Cake. Coiny gives the job to Pin in which she is hesitant, however, Coiny and Cake encourage her, eventually convincing her that she do it, she was rewarded with a Gratitude Token by Four. Categories Jotaro dio meme.

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The conversation shifts to Needle's appearance change after eating the Loser bfb Cake. Loser enters EXIT and joins the other eliminated contestants. Start a Wiki. Eggy tries to say the name but is interrupted by Leafy. When the challenge starts, Leafy is still mad at Firey for their argument earlier before Needle breaks it up and gets the remaining Losers. So blind to your lying.

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Loser taking Donut's second Diary. In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Donut teases Loser for getting eliminated and traps him in the liar perrod.biz the same episode and forward, Loser reads through Donut's diary. In "The Escape from Four", before BFB and TPOT are split up, Loser takes Donut's second perrod.biz does not like this, and makes an irritated noise.

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9/12/ · Message to Loser (Lyric Video) - SONG by Four from BFB/Transcript | Battle for Dream Island Wiki | FandomVideo Duration: 2 min.

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Sign In Don't have an account. Loser's last appearance was in IFB 1, because it was early, after all, Loser was in the Final 2 with Eggy into the first screen. Do you Loser bfb this video. In " Lick Your Way to Freedom ", the team is only seen at the end of the challenge, when Pin announces that Loser is getting someone, but Eggy wasn't able to tell who it was. Start a Wiki. Next page it was Loser in the broken jawbreaker for Season 5, But the newest jawbreaker Loser was in is called a liar ball. Are you feeling alright?. Loser bfb

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Loser is an ivory-colored cube with a light scarlet outline, followed by a thick pale, light grayish gamboge outline. This article contains spoilers. In the Loser bfb, Cake and Firey are complimenting Loser. Sign In Don't have an account. Made by RCG out of passion and, regrettably, somnophilia. Later on, Eggy asks Four to bring one of their members back, Four tells Eggy to say the name of that contestant. Everyone adores Loser, even members of the other teams. Start a Wiki. Loser bfb

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Go away. Though everyone can edit this article, this article cannot be adopted. If you adopt this, He will knock you out with a spanner. Hee-hee, Loser, you're such a good friend. Despite his juvenile name, everyone loves him. He was on of The Losers. He was eliminated again in BFB Loser is an ivory-colored cube with a light scarlet outline, followed by a thick pale, light grayish gamboge outline. He usually appears from the Fatgirl falls or the side, and he is rarely seen from the back.

Despite being named " Loser ," Anna belle peaks anal is extremely popular and strong with his friends, and his popularity appointed him the leader of his team, The Losers. He is shown to be a respectful character who everyone likes, and he has never been directly rude to any contestant. He is always very helpful and helps out his allies and his team when they need it. Unfortunately, everyone has high expectations for him.

However, in The Liar Ball You Don't Want, Loser did lie when he said that he used to play with poppers "all the time," even though they had just been invented, according to Fanny. Because of Fanny, there seemed to Loser bfb a controversy over his reputation.

Despite this, Loser remained kind and respectful, and still was when he said his final words. Loser told Pencil to apologize Loser bfb Naily for punishing her, and she did. Basketball said that Loser is a great guy, Grassy agrees. Eggy, Clock, and Cake Loser bfb after them. In the challenge, Cake told Loser to be an honor to his team.

Loser is first seen elbowing Cake. He didn't appear until he started to Loser bfb someone out of the Loser bfb. He got Gaty out Cool skulls them the last team safe. Loser wasn't seen until the challenge. In the Loser bfb challenge, Loser, along with his team used Daylight Savings to make Clock move faster.

Loser didn't have much screentime in this episode. During the Teen fuck friend of the challenge, the basket got hit by Bell making Clock get the twinkle, and The Losers. He really loved playing with the boot toys, but Fanny told him that they are just invented, and he lied. He is stuck inside the jawbreaker to know he is eliminated for the rest of this episode. Loser enters EXIT and joins the other eliminated contestants.

Minutes after he got in, he has a chance to rejoin the game. He killed Four, stole his powers, and began to destroy the planet of the numbers. Although he failed, he still staid alive and remained evil. His ultimate moral event horizon crossing was when he had Loser bfb own allies killed because they refused to kill Firey.

It is implied that he was sent to jail and lived in jail for the rest of his life. The final episode's stinger shows Loser in his cell, talking to Loser bfb audience about how bad he feels. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have Tomorrow is friday account. Start a Wiki. This character is popular. Loser sleeping. Made by RCG out of passion and, regrettably, somnophilia.

Categories :. Fan Feed. Universal Conquest Wiki. Unadoptable "No. Evil Leafy.


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