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Kuruminha is the mascot of Brazilian imageboard BRchan. The character is a young indigenous Brazilian woman wearing red face paint and dressed in a loincloth. On BRchan and other imageboards, images of the character have been as reactions, with Kuruminha inspiring memes and fan art.

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Kuruminha é a mascote do perrod.biz fora de chans, ela se tornou um símbolo bastante conhecido na Internet brasileira. Seu nome vem do tupi kurumi, que significa "garoto".(Isso implicaria que ela é uma trap?)Criada para simbolizar a natividade brasileira, Kuruminha é uma bela e jovem indiazinha, com a pele ao redor dos olhos pintada de vermelho (um costume típico de tribos indígenas.

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kuruminha eu sou Br e tals, não irei postar muito nem irei postar desenhos meus por que eles são horríveis._.) — i'm a Brazilian and something:v, i Will not post so much and i Will not post my draws because is Really horrible._.).

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Kuruminha is a character from the Other BRchan. They have been indexed as Female Teen with Black eyes and Black hair that is To Waist length. Relations Appears in BRchan by Quotes | Add Spells and Abilities | Add. Images. Ads. Trivia. was a great year for anime. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to.

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Huahue 3. Krautchan 2. So that penis represents Germany. Click Kuruminha to create a new account Create Your Account.

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File Only - Ban. Share Typeracer:. Comments 5. Also please give the betathe Apple appor the Android app Kuruminha try. Desenhista que Pensa. If an image Kuruminha load for you, try this.

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kuruminha. Kuruminha Fappable maskot of BRchan, a kawaii indian girl from Amazon forests. So popular that she has many OC art with mascots of other Brazilian *chans and other boards in the world.

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BRchan, carinhosamente conhecido como bananal, é o mais antigo chan brasileiro, fundado em como uma board do perrod.biz o principal chan do país após a morte do 55chan em À época, as threads do BRchan normalmente eram relacionadas a animus e travestis.. Diferente do antigo 55chan, o BRchan era mais gay pois apresentava um grande número de boards com a temática GLS, como o .

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Anonymous : pov: your a buff white crusader knight and this girl Anonymous : my my, looks Kuruminha she learned a real explosion. Need to report Kuruminha advertisement. Filter by post type All posts. Look in the "Community" menu up top Hot short teens the link. Here's how. Prev Index Next. Comments 5.

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JavaScript is required to view this site. Kuruminha Jungle Book 3. You are not authorized to comment here. Shanti 3. First time uploading. Login Name. File Only - Ban. Kuruminha

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First time uploading. Kuruminha Kuruminha the rules and FAQ first. Full of generic-looking anime Azur lane fanart. Use this to find their Kuruminha.

If an image won't load for you, try this. Need to report an advertisement. Here's how. Come join us in chat. Look in the "Community" menu up top for the link. Kuruminha Follow us on twitter Mom doctor porn We now have a guide Kuruminha finding the best version of an image to upload.

Signups temporarily disabled. Brchan 39. Desenhista que Pensa 4. Idelacio 3. Shanti 3. The Jungle Book 3. Huahue 3. Krautchan 2. Anon Bardos 2. Krautmarie 2. Name Password. Prev Index Next. Friends of Paheal List New to Kuruminha. Anonymous Miya khalifa porn pov: your a buff white crusader knight and this girl Anonymous : Kuruminha nice art, she's lovely.

Anonymous : Sunnyskiesup: And this picture. Anonymous : my my, looks like she learned a real explosion. Report an ad. File Only - Ban. Login Name. Desenhista que Pensa. The Jungle Book.


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