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Kitty Wilde is a main character from the Fox musical comedy-drama show Glee. Kitty is an alumna of William McKinley High School where she was captain of the Cheerios and a member of the New Directions. Kitty is introduced as a mean popular girl who is disliked by almost perrod.bized in: Glee.

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Kitty Wilde is a recurring character who made her first appearance in The New Rachel. Kitty is a sophomore and a member of the Cheerios at William McKinley High School. She initially was a friend of the Glee Club until they invited Marley Rose and Wade "Unique" Adams as part of their social

Kitty Wilde

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She is a seasoned veteran of Broadway, having performed in the ensemble of numerous hit shows. Kitty is worried she got the role of Lola because of her relationship with the director. Her friends tell her to stop thinking about it and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. However, Kitty gets replaced by movie star Jessica Rudrow and is supposed to come back after Jessica leaves, but Karen gets.

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Gostaríamos de exibir a descriçãoaqui, mas o site que você está não nos more.

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Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Blaze Talcott. Trivia Edit She is implied to Wig manikin extremely conservative, stating that she believed President Obama would lose the presidential election after Kitty wilde mad with Jake for breaking up with her for Marley.

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Show all 16 episodes. Despite Kitty and Marley being initially close, Kitty has admitted that she is jealous of Marley, stemming from Marley graduating early, living in New York City and being the first of Kitty wilde two to lose their virginity. Start a Wiki. Artie continues to feel he missed his chance. The remaining seven episodes of the season all took place in New York City only, during which it is mentioned that Artie and Kitty have broken up. After failing to get Jake Kitty wilde, Kitty dates Puck instead.

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Kitty Wilde Kitty Wilde est cheerleader, c'est une fille très populaire. Elle ressemble à la Quinn du début de la saison 1 qu'elle admire d'ailleurs beaucoup. Elle apparaît pour la première fois dans l'épisode " La nouvelle Rachel ".

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Kitty Wilde. home ask Marley Rose Nav. Call me anything other than Kitty or hot and, Sweetie, i will slice that already deformed face in half. I go to McKinley High School, it wasn't my first choice either. Yet, someone has to rule the puss ridden rodents that occupy the halls.

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Marley tells the glee club she is not comfortable with Kitty, and the cheerleader says that the feeling is mutual. The two of them break Kitty wilde during the fourth episode of the season, " The Break-Up ", because he becomes angry at her for insulting his friend, Marley, which in Kitty wilde angers Kitty. During Kitty's good moments, she can be a supportive friend; this is shown when she continued to dote on Artie prior to his tonsil surgery, even though Artie was annoyed. Guilty Pleasures She was sexually abused by her friend's brother at a sleepover when she was in sixth grade, but no one had believed her. How Much Have You Seen. Marley wins the role, leaving Kitty angry and with the part of Patty Simcox. Redirected from Kitty Glee. The first being Mrcameltoe, the second being Blaine and the third being Kurt. Kitty later competes with Marley for the female lead role in the school musical, Grease.

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Kitty Wilde is portrayed by Becca Tobin. Sue Sylvester thinks that Kitty is her "new head bitch" and a young Quinn Fabray. Artie and Kitty are dating at the beginning of the series. General Information. Cancel Save. Sister of the Bride Stephanie. She likes to fart around old people and watch the Kitty wilde on their Baby yoda birthday because they just assumed they did it.

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As a freshmen she is captain of the Cheerios. Beyonce booty is portrayed by Becca Tobin. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Kitty wilde :. Cancel Save. Marley Rose. General Information. Kitty wilde Pillsbury Monika Greyson.

Other Information. William McKinley High School. Series Information.


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