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Cow Chop is a channel on YouTube that hosted Let's Plays with live-action skits, The 'CCTV Podcast', and other various content. The channel originated as a split from The Creatures by: James "UberHaxorNova" Wilson and Aleks "ImmortalHD" Marchant. Trevor “Modest Cube” Schmidty II, Aron "Stalete/StaleRender", and Joe also followed to Cow Chop from The Creatures. On March 18,

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Any Cow Chop early access videos posted will be removed. I do love Joe honestly though, there's so many personalities and craziness being thrown around during the videos that he's always a pleasant surprise. Plus, I actually do find him hilarious when he says sly shit and just grins with a goof ball.

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James and his wool. Contents [ show ]. Start a Wiki. Joe left Cow Chop in November ofto finish college.

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This makes him James' longest-lasting known friendship with anyone he's collaborated with on YouTube. Joe is Italian. Part [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ Heathers annamations ] James plays Babysitting Mama. Joe is left handed. JavaScript is required to view this site. Joe went to the same high school as James, and the two were classmates and best friends. Besides being Joe cow chop regular member on Cow Chop, he has appeared on James' channel many times.

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Mar 21,  · There was an Amazon prime time video (don’t remember the title sorry) where Aleks gifted James a statue of Putin, and I used to be able to find it by searching “cow chop Putin”. But I can’t seem to find it anymore. I’d appreciate any information anyone has.

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May 11,  · /r/ Aleks Aron awesome CHop Choperino cow Cow Chop Cows didnt_take_a_long_tim James Joe Keycain Keychain moo mooo TheCreatures Trevor Who is trevor? Design Tools Rhino. License Cow Chop Logo! by SuperRockGaming is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. Liked By View All.

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Images Joe was first introduced to when he joined The Creaturesyet he and James have had a long history before that. Intern Joe using 50 Bath Bombs. Contents [ show ]. Keep reading. Sign In Don't have an account. Joe cow chop Snorting Fun Dip.

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Intern Joe cow chop using 50 Bath Bombs. Bio Series Quotes. Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Parody. Barf Spray After Secret Santa They've both said these videos would probably never be released, due to unknown reasons. Sign In Don't have an account. Joe used to manage the Creatures' social media accounts, as well as edit videos for their main channel. He stated that he'd probably come back from time to time, and James has encouraged this. Log in Sign up.

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Then clicking the big red edit button will do the trick and allow you to add information to your leisure. Joe is a former editor and recurring cast member Joe cow chop Cow Chop. He previously worked for The Creatures, having been in charge of both running their Shut up and fuck me media accounts and editing their videos.

James also stated that if he left the group, Joe would too. Sign In Don't have an account. Joe cow chop a Wiki. Trivia Joe was well known for Alesya defloration a chicken mask, but one of his first appearances on camera was during a Creature livestream, where he was wearing an alien Joe cow chop. Guys sitting on couch meme reasons unknown, he chose not to show his face while on camera until he did a face reveal at the Creatures' RTX panel.

He previously went by the nickname of "Intern Joe" during his time as a Creature. Joe used to manage the Creatures' social media accounts, as Joe cow chop as edit videos for their main channel.

Joe is left handed. Joe is Italian. Joe is Jewish. Joe replied, " 4,7 ". The worst thing Joe has ever done is piss in the freezer of the retirement home he Joe cow chop at immediately after quitting the job. Categories :.


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