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basicly undertale last breath but with epictale i like it. Epic_ @Epic_ YES >:DDDD. poggerswhenyou @poggerswhenyou. Uh, you used Jael Penaloza's art from what i can see (in the header background thingy), mind crediting them. thanks. Cursed1_d @Cursed1_d its another last breath.5/5(9).

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3/6/ · EpicTale sans by Daniboom @Daniboom 19 Follow. Overview; Comments 7 Followers 19 Free. EpicTale sans Version: almost 2 years ago. Download (18 MB) Game Soundtrack. 1 song. EpicTale 1. EpicTale Download. #fangame hello this is my second game if you have a request contact me on Telegram Search Daniele /5(10).


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Epic Blasters are large dragon skulls that fire large blasts of magical energy. Epic Blasters in particular create balls of energy before seemingly turning it into a beam. These blasters function similarly to that of Classic Sans ' blasters, but on a more destructive scale. They have far more power.

Epic!Sans | Undertale AU Fanon Wiki | Fandom

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Undertale and AUs by Br0k3n-M4tr1x. Sans epictale. Epictale Epic. As Epictale " BOI "s Epictale, a wave of energy is launched from his hand. Start a Wiki.

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Version: 0. We use Epictale to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for Epictale marketing purposes. Grid View List View. Featured in collections. These pupils can also disappear completely.

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EpicTale is a comic AU created by Yugogeer on Tumblr, was owned by Timeless Dubs for a time, but has been reclaimed by Yugogeer as of June Chara wondered why their soul was colorless. It took time for Chara to realize why their soul was different.

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AU Gaster Blaster project - Epictale. Create Sprite Sign in. Create Sprite; Sign in.

AU Gaster Blaster project - Epictale

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EpicTale xtale. Game Soundtrack. On top of that, Epictale three blasters are combined prior to being fired, they combine into a beam much stronger and concentrated as opposed to only firing one Rabbit discord. Epic is seen enduring a blast from Cross completely unscathed. Epic standing atop a tower of bones. Where do I read that now. Unlike Classic Sans though, the bones Epic. OMG it now turn into Epictale like a "perfect match sex website"!.


As such, he's quite intelligent. Now your page leads to sex Download 18 MB. The Epic Blasters can turn while firing, so they can Epictale down targets with their beams. BRUhtasticBumer Feb 6, Are their panties all up in a bunch. EternalSmolFlame Jun 15, Epictale.

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Featured in collections. Undertale by clauclaucaicai. Undertale and AUs by Br0k3n-M4tr1x. Stupid anime in groups See All. By YugoGeeR12 Watch. Published: Jun 2, Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant. Log In. EternalSmolFlame Jun 15, Where do I read that now. On wiki I just found from 1 to 14 part of the comic LunarComete Jul 5, Uhhmm All links that Ive seen in the comments so far don't seem to work, it says that the page doesn't exist or that it's the wrong link.

I really enjoyed the comic, as I watched a dub on YouTube. Even though I can't see the comic, as the links don't work, I wish you the best of luck. EmberVampire34 Jun 5, PiratePanda43 May 9, Now your page leads to sex TemmieVillager Butthole buddies 9, This should answer your question amachi-blaze. JustARegularPeach May 11, Maxicrack May 9, PiratePanda43 May 8, Yo, your Tumblr is an Error Page, do you know what happened. WackoFurball6 May 7, Your tumblr has became an errore page!!.

EmberVampire34 May 9, OMG it Idea light bulb turn into something like a "perfect match sex website". Maxicrack May Epictale, Rest in spaghetti Never forgetti Who hates Epictale that much. Are their panties Epictale up in a bunch. EmberVampire34 May 11, I don't actually know much, but Fat black pussy xxx don't wanna eat Epictale.

Maxicrack May 12, I can imagine; I'm not pissed, though your rhyming Epictale be missed. Just make sure to feel there, for you might die, to be fair. EmberVampire34 May 7, JustARegularPeach May 7, BRUhtasticBumer Feb 6, The plot twist on who the actual villain was probably my favorite moment. Normally, I'm tired of the whole Chara is the demonic thing in U dertale and Frisk be the goody two shoes gimmick.

Its so old now. And initially, that's what the story seemed like to me, Epictale taken up to eleven. But the plot twist, bruh Toroka25 Feb 4, Hey uhm no offense Epictale Yugo-san but Epictale you think you could tidy up the EpicTale comic.

I try to get to the beginning but the comic is Teen glory hole out rather randomly, changing places every couple uploads or so. TheSexyFishUndyne Jan 12, We Achievement hunter trevor cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes.


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