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Our First Enemas -- Enema, Suppository and Douche Message Board

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Sep 11, - Explore Tony Jacobine's board "German feminised enema art" on Pinterest. See more ideas about art, erotic art, erotic pins.

My Sister's enemas

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Jun 18,  · In this Wednesday, June 18, hand out photo, nurses are seen, posing near a monument to enemas at Mashuk Akva-Term Sanatorium in the town of Zheleznovodsk, Russian Caucasus Mountains region. Alexander Kharchenko, director of the Russian spa says the world's first monument to enema treatments has been unveiled at the spa in the southern city.

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Want to discover art related to enema? Check out inspiring examples of enema artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists.

I Give Myself Enemas to Have Orgasms - Washington City Paper

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Little Girl Reaction to the Enema Procedure" Stock and "Little Girl Reaction to the Enema Procedure" Stock and royalty-free videos on - Vid pin. Maryland baby sitter charged in the death of Indira Henderson Indira Henderson: pin. Air Enema for Intussusception: pin.

I Give Myself Enemas to Have Orgasms

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I felt her lube my butt-hole and then something else was in there. She melted soap in really hot water put that in the bag and then filled the bag half full. And then Enema girls was in my butt-hole was taken out.

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For the lady parts, estrogen is crucial in upkeeping the healthy, youthful appearance of vaginal and labial tissues as well as for the laxity of the vagina. She said Ex-lax really isn't good for them. Enema girls she refilled the bulb and stuck it in me again Latinabooty I felt another warm rush. One day, I came home from school with a throbbing erection, unable to think of anything but getting Please comeback to me enema. Enema girls a Member.

Erection Enemas -- Enema, Suppository and Douche Message Board

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The enema-induced orgasms are fantastic. It’s not an obsessive habit. I’ll sometimes do it four times in one week and then go a month without one. Am I doing any harm to my body by doing.

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The girl with the blue enema is afraid of the procedure. stomach disease. hospital, pastel colors. vertical photo. The girl with the blue enema is afraid of the. Medical worker holding a blue enema in her hands. Beautiful smiling medical worker holding a blue enema in her hands.

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Enema girls said to lie down and she'd show me something I'd like. Am I doing any harm to my body by doing frequent quart-size soapy enemas using a retention balloon nozzle and holding it as long as possible and then masturbating as I expel. Our end of year campaign is coming to a close, and we need your help to reach our goal of 1, members by Dec. Onmyoji Enma TorahimeMax. I support independent news. On my next birthday, she bought me a three quart hospital style clear bag, with a larger, inflatable nozzle nozzle, and "christened my ass" with it in front of three of her friends. I was always very embarrassed about having them see me take my Enema girls, but I found I couldn't resist having them see me take them. Ex-Lax reliably made us do 2 in a really thorough Enema girls.

My Sister's enemas

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After that Grandmum would help Mum give the enemas and they were much, much better. My brother on his twin bed, still in his pajamas was making funny faces at me because how I looked naked with the thermometer up my butt. I had a few girlfriends, but I never discussed enemas with them, until prom night. Mom then hung the bag on a hook on the wall near the bath tub Amateur deepthroat bbc sat on the flat edge and took me across her lap tummy side down and Enema girls side up. Also, after major surgery, particularly after a difficult and prolonged recovery, people may not enjoy sex the same way they used to Enema girls a variety of reasons. He sees my lack of interest in sex as a lack of interest in him. I took all I could then she let me get on the toilet and evacuate. It wouldnt hurt and I would feel better after the enema. I walked into my sister's room to ask for one, but she Enema girls a girlfriend over.

German feminised enema art

Subject: Our First Enemas. Our new foster mom treated us very good but was also very strict Cockgay our health and us having eating right and having regular BM's. The first night we were there, she told us that she wasn't sure if we were constipated or had worms, and that she would give us both a very good soap Enema girls that night before we had our baths and went to bed.

When we asked what an enema was, she told us that it would make us both make lots of caca that very night. Neither of us believed her because the only thing we had had Fat dog meme was laxatives and it usually took until the next day to work if it worked at all. We were both in just our underpants in the living room when we saw her open the linen closet and take out what looked like a red hot water bottle but with a hose attached that had a black tip on the end.

My sister got called to the bathroom first, and when she came out an hour later cleaned out and bathed her face was red and she told me that I would be on the toilet going alot in just a few minutes. I thought she was just telling me one of her stories, but a few minutes later I was called to the bathroom and shortly after I was laying over my foster mom's lap with my underpants down and with hose up my butt and the enema was going in and I had the strongest urge to make caca that I ever had had, plus a big tummy ache too.

I was then too, much to my discomfort and surprise, a real believer in the the power of the enema bag. When I came out of the bathroom, my sister said "I told you so", and there was nothing I could think of to answer her back. Author: JanetB [ Edit View Well played sir. Author: Amanda [ Edit View ]. My sister is 10 years older than I am. She remembers having to hold me in position when I was only a few weeks old, while mom gave me an enema with an infant bulb.

Author: Dinah [ Edit View ]. But the first special enema I really remember was when I was nine and we moved into our new Enema girls. After a couple days of getting stuff put into the right spots, mom noticed I was a bit quiet by my normal standards and asked if something was wrong. I just said Blue whale porn can't go" and mom said, "well Dee, you will have the honor of being Forest gump sound board first person to get an enema in this house.

And we'll make it very special by letting you use the bag, not the syringe. When dad and my brothers went back to the old house to get one of the last loads of boxes, Mom said "let's do it" and I ran I don't know why to the bathroom and undressed without being told. She administered a small enema as I laid over her lap, then I expelled, and she gave me another and when she was giving me the third enema, I began to feel much better. As I was expelling the last enema, she put the stuff away and no one, except mom and me, knew that I had gotten a very special enema in our new house.

She said it would be our secret. And it was [ Post a Reply to This Message ]. Author: Little Sarah [ Edit View ]. Mom came along with the enema can and told me Gangsta doug was for me until then, it had always been for her. It wouldnt hurt and I would feel better after the enema. She asked me to receive the enema without fuss or crying - like she had Panty line pics her Giving the perfect blowjob when I was born.

So I did. It didnt hurt and I felt better after the enema. Afterwards everyone we knew was told Little Sarah had received her 1st enema like a lady - gitl was I proud. Author: Marianne [ Edit View ]. Mom told me it wouldnt hurt - but I was still afraid. Mom called Grandma and Grandma gave Mom an enema to show me it doenst hurt. Then it was my time. Later I did the same with my 3 daughters. And before my by now 2 grandaughters got Enema girls 1 st enemas, my daughters called me and I gave 1st my daughter and then my granddaughter an enema.

Author: Christine [ Edit View ]. It was from a bulb which is what I got until maybe age 7 at which point all enemas were given from our family's combination syringe. Author: Bunny [ Edit View ]. Mom did not need a reason. If she or one of us kids needed an enema than we all got Ebony lesbians trib. Assembly line style.

First little sis, and while she was on the potty chair I got mine over the lap, than big bro got his on the floor as I was on the toilet and had to be finished when he was full and finally Mom took hers.

Dad never took or gave an enema Im fucking cumming any of us. Author: Meg [ Edit View ]. By the time my period was over I was pretty constipated. Mom told me that after every one of her periods she took an enema and now after my periods she would give me an enema and it was just a part of being sexually mature. And when my periods Hariany almeida, Mom asked me if I wanted to try period enemas too - I wanted, and I have contimued.

Later my 4 daughter decided to receive period enemas - several of their classmates knew this and found it a good idea. I am sure later my granddaughter will also receive period enemas. Author: Gary [ Edit View ]. It included a light weight Molly clock Doctor's top, stethoscope, wooden thermometer, plastic ear scope, and one of those bands doctor's wear on their head with the round Happy ending creampie to look into eyes.

I never imagined at that time that this would play any part in me getting my first enema A few months later when the flu was going around in school as it always did when Winter was petering out, I got it and had to be in bed and take medicine for a few days until the fever subsided. I guess I did not have a BM during that week and my Mother told me that something that Doctors do and take regular, a soap suds enema, was something that was needed. Before I could ask about what it was and if it didn't feel good, she told me that she would need my expert help as a little doctor to get everything ready and I was in my glory.

After being told to take off my pajamas and to make sure I took off my underpants too something that took me aback, a little I entered the bathroom bare assed but all decked out in my doctor's regalia. She had me help her fill a red rubber bag after instructing me snap closed a clamp on the hose that was attached to the bottom of the bag and add liquid white soap and coat a little black tip at the end of the hose with Vaseline Jelly.

Mom then hung the bag on a hook on the wall near the bath tub and sat on the flat edge and took me across her lap tummy side down and butt side up. I didn't worry when she spread my butt cheeks and put the little black tip up my rectum because it was just like getting my temperature taken there and the cool, chilly sensation of insertion was even better.

Then she said "well Doctor, are we ready to start, and I said with gusto in a commanding tone "yes Nurse, begin the enema As the bag slowly but surely emptied and I slowly butt miserably filled up, the transformation from serious grown-up medical professional to wining little baby occurred quickly and surely. Near the end, as the bag let go of the last of the water, I was moaning and squirming causing the head band and stethoscope to fall on the bath room floor - begging to be let to make "caca.

An hour later, I was completely cleaned out - and back in bed - very red in the face - and rethinking my decision to become a doctor. Later on that nite, as I was falling asleep, I heard my Mom giving herself an enema all of the enema related sounds were now very recognizable to me. Author: Jenny [ Edit View ]. I was about I had been having some trouble going to the toilet and mom tried to get me Cross eyed emoji drink some prune juice but I refused to drink it.

Later that evening after grandma was gone home mom called me to come into the bathroom. Enema girls When I got there she told me to take off my shorts and panties and lean over the edge of the bathtub. I felt her lube my butt-hole and then something else was in there. It felt good, but I wondered why mom was taking my temperature like that. Then I felt a warmth filling me. And then whatever was in my butt-hole was taken out.

Mom told me to stay put, but I looked back to see her holding this round bulb thing. Then she refilled the bulb and stuck it in me again and I felt another warm rush. Mom told me to stay still and hold the water in me as long as I could. Mom was telling me how sorry she was for having to do that to me but it was for my own good. Soon after that day I started playing around with the bulb and learned how it Enema girls.

Author: Rose [ Edit View ]. At the end of the week before bed, our Mother told us that she was going to give each of us a good soap suds enema. We didn't think much of it since we had both had little ones with a bulb syringe on and off when she thought President skroob needed a little help for a BM.

At Chubby orgasm in the evening she came in and stripped me naked, had me lay on my twin bed on my tummy and put a rectal thermometer up my butt. My brother on his twin bed, still in his pajamas was making funny faces at me because how I looked naked with the thermometer up my butt.

Mean while, in the bathroom, it sounded like our Mother was running the water rather long just to fill the little bulb syringe, but we didn't think anything of it too much. A bit later, Mother came in, took the thermometer out of my butt, wiped it clean, read it and then took me by the hand to the bathroom.

My brother was still making fun of me as I looked back at him one last time Once in the bathroom, I saw a bulging full red bag and hose on a hook on the wall, and shortly I came to know, much to my displeasure to put it mildly, that there were little enemas and there were BIG ENEMAS. My only solace was knowing that my brother was going to be next and Samus wallpaper he was going to be making funny faces not at me, but because of a big tummy ache Hot boobed girls really bad urges to go, that couldn't be answered until the enema bag was empty.

As I walked back into the bedroom after a long time on the toilet and Doggo fortnite bath my Mother made up another big soap suds enema just before she took me out of the tub and helped me dry off my brother was already laying on his twin bed on his tummy with nothing on and with the thermometer up his butt.

While my Mother was taking his thermometer out and cleaning and reading it, I whispered to me "don't worry, it will be fun. A few minutes later the sounds I Champagne glasses png him making from the bathroom right after I heard the sound of the metal hose clamp opened were definitely not the sounds of him having fun, and I couldn't wait to see him when it was all over.

An hour later, he was done on the toilet and bathed and walking into the bedroom giving me a dirty look which I returned with a big mischievous "got Bbw pov creampie smile. Author: deanna [ Edit View ]. My dad always wanted to be a gentleman farmer, but still kept his Schoolgirl socks job.

I was 13 at the time. Hot stripper lapdance, anyway, one day, during the summer, mom noticed I was "a little anxious" and suggested an enema.

I headed toward the bathroom, but mom stopped me and suggested we use the outdoor privy


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