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10 Weird Japanese Game Shows You Won't Believe Exist - Slapped Ham

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23/3/ · FactTV Presents: 8 Weird Japanese Game Shows That Actually ExistSubscribe: For Wa Author: FactTV.

15 Totally Bizarre Japanese Game Shows That Are 100 Percent Real


9/2/ · 8. Wall of Boxes. Wall of Boxes is another segment from the weird Japanese game show, Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! In this game, contestants are precariously perched on top of a wall of painted cardboard boxes. They’re asked to pick a number from a board, with each number corresponding to a consequence.

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5/6/ · Naked girls is a favorite theme for these Japanese game shows. In another game, male contestants have to attach clamps to every part of their body — nose, ears, nipples. They do this in an attempt to pull strings, so they can undress the girl whose .

Weird Japanese Game Shows - Dailymotion Video

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10 weird Japanese game shows. From contestants biting inanimate objects to see if they’re candy or not to copping a raw bum to the face, we count the 10 weirdest Japanese game shows you have to see to believe! Marshmallow Funny Face. This clip is often featured in .

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Naked girls is a favorite theme for these Japanese game shows. In this game, contestants are precariously perched on top of a wall of painted cardboard boxes. For this game, the contestants are put through a series of challenges, such as throwing bean bags, in order to remove the boxes in front of the girl. The finale of the show has everyone covered in oil, including the host.

1. 'AKBingo!'


Yes, I know it sounds absurd so bare with us. You May Also Like. These consequences range from a small kid running into your wall, sumos charging, or a bizarre whip machine that flogs your teetering position. Etched into the wall is a shape that players must match to pass through the gap. Be Cute Or Get Pie. Crazy and weird Japanese Show. Human Romi meets mandingo.

10 Weird Japanese Game Shows You Won't Believe Exist - Page 2 of 2 - Slapped Ham

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9/2/ · Human Slip n Slide is a weird Japanese game show that pits a creepy old man against dozens of bikini wearing young girls. The rules are unclear but it appears to be how far the old man can slide over the girls, presumably furthest wins. First the man is covered in some kind of lubricant before he runs and dives over the line of lying girls.

Weird Japanese Game Shows

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Japanese Game Shows are the BEST! See for yourself See what I mean? They are so creative and emphasize laughter and fun. American game shows tend to prioritize money and drama. As the title of that compilation video proves, we tend to classify the unfamiliar as weird, but there’s nothing strange about it when you.

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Pop Culture. Crazy and weird Japanese Show. This game is not for the faint-hearted. Great care is taken to emulate household items and other objects with an amazing attention to detail. Two Big booty anal threesome are asked a series of questions. The girl has to record the whole thing. The shapes in the wall come in all sorts of sizes, forcing the contestants to contort into hilarious positions.

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Soapy Stairs. The punishments vary from getting foot massages and hammers to the groin, having hot tofu placed on your forehead and even tubes of wasabi squeezed up your nose. Human Tetris. Pop Culture. If they succeed, they get to Iron man meme a glimpse of the naked girl. Once again, contestants are put under extreme pressure to answer questions. A Human Slot Machine. Top Movies. OK, the Tetris we know has nothing on this Japanese Tetris!. Weird japanese game shows

Watch fullscreen. Show prank. Playing next EDM Drop. Fashion Stocks. Shipon Moynul. Sexy ping pong. Crazy and weird Japanese Show. Hitt Video. Crazy Japanese Sexy Show. Keysha grey Cat Videos. New day news. Featured channels. The Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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