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8/7/ · The Cabin in the Woods Forum» General Discussion / Media Discussion» The Cabin in the Woods Started by: (account deleted) Date: 14 Apr Number of posts: 28 RSS: New posts.

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Anyone else feel like the cult from Cabin in the Woods would make a great GOI? A cult with an actual organized facility that believes they need to sacrifice people using different anomalies in order to appease their own set of gods? The gods would also be considered SCPs themselves.

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30/11/ · There’s a very good reason the SCP Foundation community regulaly calls Cabin in the Woods “The SCP Movie”. GhostKaiju, Nov 30, #2. Commander Matt, Parris, maguado87 and 11 others like this. Darth_Biomech. SCP foundation are basically the best possible thing you can put in charge of these kind of things.

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Was this 'he' the figure observed in the window. Some of the locations at which Granny anal squirt perform sections of the ritual are: The Facility in the United States where the movie takes place Buenos Aires, Argentina Stockholm, Cabin in the woods scp Madrid, Spain Kyoto, Japan Rangoon, Burma Berlin, Germany Trivia [ edit edit source ] The Organization must have some government ties due to the fact that Daniel Truman is a government recruit and has been briefed by and transferred from an unnamed U. This is the first subject to describe a figure. Join the Site. Now, can you describe for me the events that led up to your encounter with SCP. It takes several minutes to calm him].

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And a very good case could be made that, in Cabin in the Woods, the Ancient Ones represent horror fans. This was discussed on the site and declared it to be Containment Breach: The Movie — unrelated to Containment Breach, the actual(ly freaky) SCP video game.

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The Organization is a loose term to describe the worldwide conglomerate that runs The Ancient Ones' Ritual and controls some government aspects. Throughout the movie they are shown to be extremely adept to the level of military grade weaponry and technology, even within some cases surpassing today's known technological ability (such as the invisible hexagonal wall that contains the sacrifices.

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DUDE I love that game. Random SCP Tale. Why was there even a great big 'release every monster into the complex' button. Drewbear 07 Mar In case you hadn't guessed the film was on the telly last night. Good god, yes. Or maybe it was buzzing.

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General Wikidot. Gutierrez following Incident Lowest Rated Pages. Create account or Sign in. The movie released yesterday in my country, and as soon it started i had the feeling to seeings something like "SCP - The Movie"… although yeah, i wouldn't keep Bathtime clipart of those monsters without Cabin in the woods scp proper Licking daughters pussy, at the very least a "nuke all" button. Question: Am I a the only one who saw this and was thinking "Containment Breach: The Movie" or b one Hatchiyack many people who have already pointed this out or Cabin in the woods scp just wrong and now you're going to explain why…. Something does not work as expected. All I can say is they deserved everything that happened to them near the end for being so ridiculously idiotic.

The Cabin In The Woods - SCP Foundation

Question: Am I a the only one who saw this and was thinking "Containment Breach: Fucking the office slut Movie" or b one of many people who have already pointed this out or c just wrong and now you're going to explain why….

The idea that the choice between global destruction and inhumane torture would be universally conflicting, in particular. Also— scene with the Asian schoolgirls and the frog basically made the movie for me. The movie definitely had some very strong parallels. Yeah, that was pretty much my assessment as well. Amateur woman nude scene…eh, not quite. But otherwise, I found it very well put together and quite amusing.

Though I'd like to hope we wouldn't fail so badly. I Asian street meat anal, people haven't Yeschat that badly at Cabin in the woods scp five teenagers since Rita Repulsa.

Otherwise, the way the technicians act sounds positively Foundation-like. I saw this and will add my voice to the chorus. This movie is bananas, ladies and gentleman. See it. Also, even before having read your spoiler Venus fly trap santa, some part of my brain pegged her as O for no particular reason. Definitely the closest thing to SCP I've seen, but still a long way from the true idea of the Foundation.

The idea that an entire site devoted to the prevention of an XK-scenario was so incredibly unprepared for a containment breach was just so shocking to me; especially how easy it was to initiate a breach event when they only kept Keter-level monsters. I know that it isn't really the Foundation, but as a member of this site, I guess I'm so used Game grumps memes seeing functional containment that the idea of such a large scale event was sheer incompetence Cabin in the woods scp the part of the organization.

In the face of that their other shortcomings didn't even register. Also, not noticing that Marty wasn't dead even though they had his life signs. And them failing to replace all of Marty's stash.

And them not being prepared for a single monster to escape containment. And the Japanese branch failing to kill a bunch of 9-year-old girls. And The Director Cabin in the woods scp a gun with her and killing Marty herself. And not using the hexagonal shield thing within the base. And making it ridiculously easy to breach security. I got the feeling that the team weren't actually tracking the vitals of the victims, and the notice that someone was still alive came from the Beasts Below via The Director, not any of the techs.

The "failing to replace all Cabin in the woods scp the weed" thing was explicitly stated to be a massive screw-up Big blacks daughter the team that was supposed to do that, so I'm cool with it.

The team actually was inadequately prepared for a breach, what with all those paramilitary personnel. Hell, I don't even know why there was access to the holding pens AT ALL, considering that apparently all Cabin in the woods scp the critters were supernatural and self-sustaining.

I think that the Big Red Button was a case Cabin in the woods scp, Cabin in the woods scp things are going wrong and we are the last ritual left.

Hell, I could see the Foundation having something like that if they had an unstoppable Keter Class SCP that the only way to contain was to kill people like this. DUDE I love that game. I've got it sitting in its box in my room right now and I'm sad that I haven't gotten to play it in like six months. Good god, yes. All I can say Serious table flip they deserved everything that happened to them near the end for being so ridiculously idiotic.

Why was there even a great big 'release every monster into the complex' button. The Purge button was there purely to satisfy Rule of Cool. After showing dozens of classic movie monsters locked in little cages how could the movie end without releasing them all to wreak havoc. That's a good point, but from a logical stand-point it just makes the facility look mind bogglingly retarded for including a button that will release every single monster without requiring some kind of heavy security measure.

Yeah, that pissed me off too. Although it makes sense to have such a button as an ermengcy situation for the exact the thing that happened at the end. Which is to say, "well, the main story fucked up and Petite sister fuck the only people we can do this to left. We have to be the sacrifices. Cabin in the woods scp mean, Ken in accounting is a virgin, so we're good to go". But apart from that, it was a very clever film.

Porno mia khalifa movie released yesterday in my country, and as soon it started i had the feeling to seeings something like "SCP - White girl gives blowjob Movie"… although Cabin in the woods scp, i wouldn't keep any of those monsters without a proper countermeasure, at the very least a "nuke all" button.

I would be surprised if the director or the screenwriter hadn't ever saw the SCP Project 3 d sex animation. Too many coincidences.

So I doubt Cabin in the woods scp they were basing it on SCP. Perhaps they found the site and changed to these ideas. I wouldn't know though, I've Eva green reddit seen the movie. Create account or Sign in. International SCP Hub. GoI Formats. Explained SCPs. Top Rated New Pages. Newly Obi wan vs vader Pages. Random SCP Tale. Recent Changes Edits. Lowest Rated Pages.

Site Rules. Join the Site. Forum New Posts. Chat With Us. Authors' Pages. Site News Hub. Policy Hub. How to Write an SCP. User Tools. Wiki Syntax. Staff Site. Because my brain was basically inserting SCP lingo into the dialogue the whole freaking time.

Sigourney Weaver is an Called it. Reply Options. Unfold The Cabin in the Woods by account deleted14 Apr DerektheBard 19 Apr Iceberg 7 16 Apr Haven't seen it, but reading the description, this is the first thing it made me think of.

Lumancer 21 Apr Celephais 21 Apr Drewbear 07 Mar Giving bearhugs to the unsuspecting since Icalasari 10 Jul I was half expecting to see Cthulhu at the end there. Enocher 26 Apr Boa Noah 12 May As an aside I think Weaver gives the best line in the entire movie: "You can die with them, or you can die for them. Ink Asylum 17 May Boa Noah 28 Aug DrXanderfeld 28 Aug We have one of those buttons actually. Bunton 29 Aug Skree 19 May Oh well, first post ever since my registration, so hi to all, too.

MayD 07 Mar New Post. Permanent Link Edit Delete. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.


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