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Touch my body Know you love my curves Come on and give me what I deserve And touch my body I'm 'a treat you like a teddy bear You won't wanna go nowhere In the lap of luxury Laying intertwined with me You won't want for nothing boy I will give you plenty of joy Touch my body Touch my body Put me on the floor (throw me on the floor) Wrestle me.


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《TOUCH》 Language: 简体中文 繁體中文 English All; News; Broad; MORE>> MORE>> MORE>>.

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15/08/ · Touch my body Let me wrap my thighs All around your waist Just a little taste Touch my body I know you like my curves C'mon and give me what I deserve and touch my body. I'ma treat you like a teddy bear You won't wanna go nowhere in the lap of luxury Layin' intertwined with me You won't want for nothing boy I will give you plenty joy.

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Touch My Body

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"Touch My Body" is a mid-tempo song, which draws influence from R&B and pop music genres. The song's hook is built around a piano melody and "circular keyboard line", and features "a stuttering mid-tempo beat that's accented by finger snaps and electronic synthesizers" as its instrumentation. Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe described it as a "standard-issue mid-tempo jam", while The New York.

Sexy Dance video show -Girl dancing full open body

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It’s all specific for evey girl. BUT, you can’t go wrong with touching her waist. I don’t know any girl that doesn’t tingle when you touch her waist. Or the back of her neck. Try putting your fingers on the side of her head and slide your thumb on.

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